Q is for Question

How do you convince a team that tells you they know they need an updated website to go all the way with a new website as well as branding to match?

The Setup

Quantum came to us knowing their site was outdated and didn’t showcase their accomplishments well, or frankly, at all. Wanting to appear as large as some of the deals they were making, they needed to take steps to re-envision their online presence, and in our opinion their branding as well. And that’s where the story begins.

Previous Logo


Unchosen Variations



Logos Can Be Like Your Most Comfortable Shoes

Quantum had come to CheshireBeane as a referral, so we felt confident that they trusted our work and we could be open about ideas and strategies we thought they should pursue. When we started the brand assessment, this became a key topic, because while they knew the website needed work, they had been living with their branding for so long that giving it up felt like throwing out your most comfortable pair of shoes, even though the soul is wearing off and your toes are poking out. We had a lot of convincing to do. They surely weren’t ready to part with the old branding just yet.

Down to the Nitty Gritty

We began by presenting a brand transition, keeping the main elements of their logo, but eliminating aspects that were a bit dated. Once we got into it, we began to work off of the “Q” in Quantum to see what design changes we could make and still have it appear as the letter “Q”. Because they are part of the financial world, we wanted to design something more calculated and clean. While our first designs didn’t make them want try on the “new shoes” just yet, we held strong and moved forward on other brand elements and the information structure of the site. Imagery and color palettes were taken from modern architecture photography, a representation of the types of financial deals Quantum was a part of. Through this whole process, the logo work sat still, with us layering it into our compositions for the site to help with the inevitable transition.


Unquestionable Success

Throughout the new site development and branding process, Quantum also relocated their office and wanted to make the transition to the new space powerful. They made it a triple threat by launching the new brand, website, and office all at once.

All it Takes is a Leap of Faith, Which Isn’t Really That Easy

In the end, we were pleased with both the branding work and the site, as were they. Once they were able to see all the pieces together, the puzzle became clear and Quantum embraced the new look and feel. It was a good reminder to us as designers that branding work is ultimately about identity, and just as individuals go through phases of life where it is hard to make room for the future (especially when the past feels so comfortable) so too do businesses have the same struggle. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to find your future – cheers to Quantum for taking the leap with us!

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