The Rules and Regulations

How do you create a design with a clinical feel without insinuating a product is intended for diagnosing disease or other medical conditions, and without implying it is a cure, treatment, or intended to prevent a medical condition? Whew, sounds tough? It is.

What is this Neutradent thing?

Neutradent was a brand new company seeking to fill a gap in the mouth whitening industry with a freshly patented product that worked alongside professional whitening services. Professional whitening services can be quite harsh to the mouth, teeth and gums, and Neutradent was created with moisturizers for the gums and plenty of antioxidants to eliminate free radicals. Right away, it was clear that this was a special product that was much more than a mouth rinse. Neutradent came to CheshireBeane during the beginning stages of product development to help initiate the Neutradent brand identity.


From the Ground Up

With any new product, significant research is needed to determine how similar products (if those even exist) are using design to further their brand identities. Not only was Neutradent a new product, we also needed to create a design and content that didn’t violate any FDA (Federal Drug Administration) regulations. Certain information was forbidden from being included on the site, and our work could not in any way imply that Neutradent was a way to diagnose disease or cure, treat, or prevent a medical condition or disease. That’s hard! Overall, with enough research we concluded that the design needed a clinical feel – so we went into the design with that in mind.

Labels, Packaging, and Websites, oh my!

There were a lot of moving pieces in this design process, several different labels, packaging, and a website. The client agreed to a clean, clinical approach that conveyed a level of trustworthiness found with other health driven products. We created an iconic logo, with a cross design that echoes generations of imagery in the health industry. A clean color palette of blue and white aided the clinical feel. We then executed the design across all of the different elements, several pieces of packaging and a full website design.



The Results

Defining a Win-Win

Overcoming the challenge involved with designing around FDA regulations was an achievement we are quite proud of. The client was happy with the design and was able to use the packaging and site design to start promoting her product and work towards bringing it to market. We call that a win-win.

Fresh Blue#00B6DD
Fresher Blue#8d0405

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