The Generational Gap

Often, the question is how to update a brand from year to year, now, it was how to update a brand from generation to generation?

The Times are a Changin’

As a company, Garfinkle Orthodontics had big plans in mind. Plans like a brand new location with better parking, a larger waiting area, more clinic chairs, bigger windows, and updated technology. Along with all of these changes, the leadership in the business was shifting after 40 successful years – from father and Orthodontist Richard Garfinkle to son and Orthodontist Judah Garfinkle. With so much change afoot – why not throw in a complete rebrand as well.

The Blueprint for Success

There were certain elements we were all certain the new branding needed to address. The branding needed to emphasize fun, but while still appealing to a wide audience with an even bigger age difference than Judah and his dad. We set out to find the perfect blend of personality and precision found throughout their orthodontic work.

Design is Like Dominos

Sometimes, once you start rolling, the dominos start falling and that was the case when working with Judah. After our initial meetings, we caught on to something that was always present – the signature bowtie that Judah always wore. We began to explore whether this would be a good branding tool and after a mountain of research on the positives and the negatives, we determined the bow tie could be a positive force. After many iterations, we found that when the bow tie took on a more clinical approach it also felt reminiscent of the colorful rubber bands worn by patients with braces. This worked. While loving the fun feel of the bow tie and the direction of the color palette, we then added in a good deal of precision to the lettering and the look, mimicking the work provided for their customers. It was fun to play with different patterns and textures that you might find on a bow tie, and these layers really developed the depth and personality we were looking for. We chose fresh colors that resembled minty mouthwashes, as you would expect to see while in an orthodontist office, and then added fun pops of color as needed.

The color palettes we selected along with our design were extended into the new office space and beyond. We designed a custom map to help current patients find their way to the new office as well as welcome packages for patients getting their first set of braces. Oh the memories!

The Results

garfinkle_logo_full_cheshirebeane garfinkle_startionary_cheshirebeane

Looking Back

It is fun to see where one little thing can take you. From bow tie to brilliance! We love the Garfinkle Orthodontics rebrand, and it was a pleasure seeing every last detail fit together. From the letterhead, to the website, to the paint on the wall, the pieces fit side by side seamlessly – just like the perfect smile.

Blue Print#0F76C0
Dark Blue#03499E

Need some direction?

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