Our Inner Kid

A fun project that made us feel like kids again.


Sometimes projects come our way that are just pure fun, and usually, it involves kids. Facebook asked us to help them envision and brand their annual Take Your Kids To Work Day event. In true Facebook fashion, they had an epic array of creative activities planned; a photobooth, drone flying, robots, invent your own cupcake station, petting zoo, bubbles, a train, HAM radio training, you name it!


We added new energy to the event by designing a couple colorful and playful characters and a map to point out where each activity could be found. It was important that the illustrations were all inclusive, appealing to all ages and genders. We took a whimsical approach, with hand drawn characters, and the two main robots were an immediate hit. The robots eventually came to life at the event, standing over 10 feet tall welcoming kids and parents to the party. They also appeared on tote bags handed out to kids who needed a way to carry their organic cotton candy and other all natural goodies around.


Facebook was so excited about our first robot characters, that they kept ordering more and more! At the end of it, we had created over 30 unique characters. We drew animals, trains, radios, and enough different robots to make a small army. Business Insider did a fantastic write up on the event, and the photos showcase how we worked with Facebook to seamlessly incorporate our characters almost everywhere! The Menlo Park event was such a success, Facebook then used the theme at the New York headquarters as well. We love working with Facebook! They value their employees and their families, as well as good, honest work. The Take Your Kids to Work Day project was a lively way for us to share our event branding skills with people everywhere and we can’t wait for the next opportunity.

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