The Challenge

How to help a single owner operated business expand with multiple employees and a line of products.

Passion is Power

Aaron is quite passionate about what he does, and it’s a bit contagious. After being forced to quit wake boarding due to a sports injury, he chose a career path to help others prevent a similar tragic end to playing sports. After finding his footing as a personal trainer, he came to CheshireBeane just as he was ready to expand, hiring on more trainers and making a push to promote a line of health supplements to support overall health and nutrition.



Find the Meaning of it All

The project began with a brainstorming session, tossing out ideas on naming, content, and the core values of Aaron’s business. We asked questions like, “What sets Aaron’s work apart from other personal trainers?” and “What services does he have that help define the business?”. Along the way we discovered that the customer experience was what was enticing people to work with Aaron and his trainers. It was obvious that they cared to educate their clients for a complete lifestyle change. For example, people coming to ANCRD for the first time fill out a questionnaire and that helps define clear physical goals, then they receive a welcome packet to start food logs and help change shopping habits. Then, after an evaluation of strength and mobility, a customized health plan is designed for each individual. It was our hope to design an equally customized name, logo, and website for Aaron that showcased his personal touch.

Anchoring Down a Design

For the design, we wanted a fresh, modern look, but with the grounded feeling of being physically strong. Choosing the name “ANCRD” as a play on being anchored physically allowed us to use a well-crafted anchor icon with a bold color palette of red, gray, and whites. We selected imagery that reflected all body and age types to emphasize that anyone has the ability to change their life by taking that first step. As it turns out, neither the design or the naming process was the most difficult aspect of the project. Instead, helping Aaron figure out a way to smoothly transition his old clientele to the new look and feel of the business proved to be the challenge. We wanted to create excitement, not fear, around the new name and branding. Aaron also shared his enthusiasm by creating conversation around the changes in the gym. Combining the interactive dialog and water bottle giveaway allowed the transition from a single personal trainer business into a full-fledged brand to happen like the flip of a switch! Now, all new customers also receive the branded water bottle – as they are carried around the gym, it creates a feeling of community for the business.

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